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Travelling from the Airport


There are 2 options for a taxi from the airport: A city taxi or airport taxi.

Airport Taxi

Airport taxis are booked and paid for inside the airport. These taxis are licensed to operate on airport property, and therefore a bit more expensive. You can expect to pay $300 to $400 pesos for this service. Because you pay in the airport, no other money is necessary unless you choose to tip the driver.

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City Taxi

City taxis are usually older yellow Nissan Tsurus, similar to a mid 90's Nissan Sentra in the US. However, the newer ones may vary in make and model, and the newest are white like the airport taxis. These taxis can not pick up passengers on airport property. Therefore, you must cross the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the main road where you will find a taxi stand.

ALWAYS agree upon a price before getting into a city taxi!! Generally with these taxis, you will pay $250 to 300 pesos, maybe less depending upon your haggling skills. Another important point to remember with these taxis is to always have the correct change including any tip you may give. Some of these drivers are notorious for "not having" any change to give you for a larger bill! This experience is a bit more adventurous than using the airport taxis.

Private Shuttle Service

There are many services available that allow you to prepay for your private airport transportation. This tends to be the most expensive option, but many people find the convenience and comfort to be worth the price.


Preety much the same as it works in the US, but you will need to use wifi in the airport to order one if you don't have a cell phone plan with local data! Generally, the pickup is the same location as the city buses above, as the Uber drivers are not permitted to pickup in the airport.

City Bus

An adventure not for the faint of heart! Simply turn left when you exit the terminal building, and you will see the bus stop at the side of the main road. The cost is under 10 pesos. Often these buses are standing room only, and not recommended it you are travelling with more than a simple carry-on.

If the bus has a sign in the window saying "tunel", you will get off at the third intersection after the bus goes through two tunnels. After walking 1 block south, you will see Medasist Hospital on your left. Agave Azul Guesthouse in immediately after the hospital.

If the bus has a sign in the window saying "centro", it will travel through downtown and cross an arched bridge over the river. Get off the bus any time after crossing the bridge, and follow the map here on the right to walk the 4-6 blocks to Agave Azul Guesthouse.

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